The Rec Room

88% love it
SA's largest baths with full bar
The usual jacuzzi and wet areas; outdoor courtyard. Admission R90; R55 for students, airline crew and before 5pm.
  • Phoenix Centre
    Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Near: N1 South at Malibongwe (formerly Hans Strydom) Drive
  • Website
  • Mon—Thurs noon—1am
    Fri—Sat to 7am
    Sun 1pm—1am
  • (011) 792-1288
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    • Thompson
      Thompson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place
      I have been to some of the best saunas in the world but the Rec Room is a special place. The punters and the staff are mostly very friendly and it's quite easy to make friends. It's fairly quiet from Monday to Wednesday. Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons are the busiest times. Also, on some week nights there is a no towel policy so check before going. The Rec Room is a clean place and it is also quite safe to park your car there. Do be aware, however, that the police often have roadblocks close to the venue checking for drunk drivers, especially on holidays and weekends. If you plan on drinking, it is best to get a cab. You will also need to bring your own lock or buy one at the venue.

    • Meerkat
      Meerkat Over a year ago

      Generally good
      Generally it is a clean, nice place. Unfortunately the Jacuzzi's only reach body temperature after 6pm. (Rec Room opens at 12 noon) It is stupid to have to bring your own lock and key. I regularly visit 76 saunas all over the world and have never encountered such a stupid idea. Then there is the no towel night ... OK for some time but in winter it is freezing in the place and you have to dry yourself with a face cloth after you had a steam, shower or sauna. I think the management of this nice place should take more conscious care of the place before they get into trouble. They need to heat the place up in winter. THe few heaters on the roof-walls are worthless.

    • Kavi
      Kavi Over a year ago
      Loves it

      my thoughts
      love the steam room as i spend most my time there, the barmen are friendly, a nice place to socialize and meet for action or a random encounter, what i think is needed, perhaps a strippers pole, dance floor, maybe a few entertainers who would work there,,but overall a really good place, i recommend it

    • uboatcomm
      uboatcomm Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Happy Enough
      I used the place as meeting location for an internet hookup and wasn't disappointed. Clean enough, with facilities that allowed for a casual meet and then enough privacy to meet goals. Not sure I'd get what I want if I wasn't meeting somebody though

    • tonyont123
      tonyont123 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      really cool place
      I've been here a few times now, and really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and awesome music. there's a special on the entrance fee if you under 26 or if you a student, so that's really nice, as it fits my student budget. the staff are really friendly as well and its just a lekker place to unwind, after a hard week off work.

    • Fernandofc
      Fernandofc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Avoid it
      This is the worst sauna I've ever been. I arrived in Johannesburg and called up the sauna from my hotel. After I asked about how to go there, they said they could send me a taxi to my hotel. When the taxi arrived it was an old broken particular windshield cracked car, almost falling to pieces. I almost gave up. The sauna is situated in a very desert area. When I got the sauna they gave no sandals and a new lock to put in the closet. The sauna was very empty and the great majority of the customers were not young, neither attractive. After spending 2 hours without having fun I decided to leave the place. So I asked the bar man to advice the same driver to pick me up, because I had combined a return trip price with him. The bar man adviced and asked me to wait him tell me the driver was outside. After half an hour he said me the taxi was outside. So I dressed my self and decided to pay the bill and had a new suprise: he said I had to pay for the chinese new lock he gave me to use. So I paid it and decided to not bring this bad souvenir with me. When I was outside the same driver was not outside and appeared another to drive me for a more expensive price. No one of the guards outside new the other driver. So, for safety reasons, I decided to come back to the sauna, but the cashier said I was not allowed to get into again, unless I pay again for the entry. Then after I a long discussion the cashier said the driver was outside. I went outside and the driver was onother. Than I came back and told the nasty cashier the driver was onother. He said, It has to be that one because he couldn't find the other. Then I asked if that driver was safe, because the guard outside did not new him. An he said he was safe. So I decided to take this new driver and paid much more for the inbound trip. The city is also terrible: does not look like a city. Avoid this sauna and also this strange city. Cape town is million times better than Johannesburg.

    • edwood37
      edwood37 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The facilities are good but the place is seldom cleaned. Used condoms and cum remain in cubicles for hours. The sauna smells really bad. Wear flip flops if you go as the floors are disgusting.

    • kubhekaedward
      kubhekaedward Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Eventhough I've been to the Rec Room Club many times before, Friday (06/03/11) was my best time there yet. I met two black guys, , one guy from Randburg, and one white guy, I felt like the SA Colors of REC. It was amazing and fabulous, I can't wait to got there again next Friday.

    • klmtservices
      klmtservices Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Rec room
      Always worth the visit